The Jesters from Meridian, MS

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           The Jesters -Meridian, MS.     Very little memorabilia  has been found about one of  the best early 60's groups from Meridian.   The band was called The Jesters. I heard this group on numerous occasions and knew all the musicians in the group.  The Jesters had an awesome sound  especially with the British numbers like the Beatles "Norwegian Wood."  A really tight covers band with Butch Carter on lead vocals and piano, Paul Davis on guitar and backup vocals along with Frank Morris on lead guitar.  Butch Carter really put on a show singing and playing the piano.  This group played the Meridian area and travel to out of town gigs during 1964-early 1965.
     What little information I could find beyond my own recollection of this group is that somewhere around the time Paul Davis & Frank Morris left the group to begin the Six Soul Survivors,  the Jesters went to Memphis to make a recording.  This would have been about 1965. Nothing is known precisely about what they recorded or at which studio the recordings were made and it is believed that the recordings were never released.  I have been in contact with two of the band members about an interview but no further information has been provided at this point.  If anyone has any more information on this group I would appreciate any additions that can be made. A band photograph is really needed to add to this page for this early band from Meridian, MS.   Butch Carter had a wonderful voice and was a showman and with Paul Davis providing harmony, well that was some harmonic combination. Paul went on to form The Six Soul Survivors with Frank Morris and this band later became The Endless Chain before Paul Davis launched his own solo career.

Jesters Business Card

Band Members
Butch Carter-Lead Vocals & Piano
Paul Davis-Guitar & Vocals
Frank Morris-Guitar & Vocal Harmony
Monte Royal-Drums
Mike Ward-Bass

Pictures and recordings need for The Jesters from Meridian, MS. Please contact me if you have
any Jesters memorabilia.

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